Scientific and production
company LLC «T-Soft»

OAO Slavneft-YANOS

OAO Slavneft-YANOS
130, Moskovsky Prospekt, Yaroslavl, Russia 150000

Computer-integrated simulators:

  • Hydrogen production unit УПВ-2
  • Hydrocracking unit
  • Hydrogen production unit
  • Diesel hydrotreater ЛЧ-24/7
  • Crude oil distillation unit AT-4
  • Diesel hydrotreater ЛЧ-24/6
  • Catalytic cracking unit 1A-1M
  • Sulfuric acid alkylation unit 25/7
  • MTBE production unit 
  • Visbreaking unit
  • VDU-3 unit
  • VDU-4 unit
  • Installation of Wet Catalysis (MK)
  • Installation for dewaxing of refined and deoiling paraffins (section S-400 of production KM-2)
  • Unit for selective cleaning of oils with N-methylpyrrolidone (section C-300, manufactured by KM-2)
  • Unit for hydrotreating oils and paraffins S-500 manufactured by KM-2

Automated training system:

  • «Briefing» software


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