Scientific and production
company LLC «T-Soft»

OAO «Gazpromneft-ONPZ»

OAO «Gazpromneft-ONPZ»
1, Prospekt Gubkina, Omsk, Russia 644040

Computer-integrated simulator complexes:

  • Combined residue deep conversion unit KT-1/1
  • Catalytic cracking 43-103
  • Sulfur production unit
  • Delayed coking unit 21-10-3M
  • Coke calcination unit
  • Sulfuric acid alkylation unit 25-12
  • Spent sulfuric acid splitting unit 
  • Gas flare unit 
  • Gas fractionation unit ГФУ-2
  • Merchantable product and raw material storage facility ТСБ-1
  • Merchantable product and raw material storage facility ТСБ-2
  • Aromatics production facility
  • Diesel hydrotreater Л-24-9
  • Crude oil distillation unit ЭЛОУ-АТ-9

Automated training system:

  • PO BRIEFING, a production association under the laws of the Russian Federation 

Automated procedures:

  • Gas fractionation unit ГФУ-2 (Emergency shutdown module, cold start, warm start of the unit, scheduled shutdown of the unit, emergency shutdown in case of depressurization, putting the unit on circulation, control of the raw material preparation block, readjustment of butane and propane fractions in stock, control of the propane-butane fractions mixing station)

Advanced process control system:

  • Gas fractionation unit ГФУ-2