Scientific and production
company LLC «T-Soft»

OOO PO Kirishinefteorgsintez

OOO PO Kirishinefteorgsintez
1, Shosse Jentuziastov, Kirishi, Russia 187110

Computer-integrated simulators:
Crude oil distillation unit ЭЛОУ-АВТ-6
Crude oil distillation unit ЭЛОУ-АТ-6

Standard simulators and dynamic models:

  • izomalk
  • hydrocracking module
  • visbreaking module
  • H2S oxidizing module
  • steam reforming module
  • vacuum module
  • reciprocating compressor unit
  • centrigugal compression unit, etc. (all main processes and machinery, over 30 pcs in total)

Automated training system:

  • PO BRIEFING, a production association under the laws of the Russian Federation 

Automated training courses:

  • enterprise’s workflow
  • processes and machinery
  • basics of general chemical engineering
  • pressure vessels
  • labor safety
  • hydrocracking complex


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