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Advanced process control system

The Advanced Process Control (APC) system is based on multivariable control using Model Predictive Control (MPC) models. Traditionally, with advanced control systems, virtual analyzers are introduced to calculate non-measurable parameters of the control object.
When introducing an improved control system, models of mass flows, heat balance, and a static model of measured parameters are developed for each technological object (process).

Key advantages of implementing an SUMS for oil refineries and chemical enterprises:

  • increase in productivity by 1-5%
  • increasing the efficiency of the technological process by 2-10%
  • reduction of energy and steam consumption by 3-10%
  • reduction of losses of valuable products 1-5%


Useful Materials


  • Working out PLAS scenarios on training complexes with a 3D "field"

  • Advanced process control system
    implements multi-parameter optimal control of the technological process with a forecast of steady-state values with an automatic transition to the production of products of another brand.
    «Automated Procedures» System
    implements automated improved process control in normal, abnormal and emergency situations.
    Alarm Management System
    designed for improved (in comparison with the standard system) alarms flow control.
    System for a comprehensive assessment of the state of a technological object
    The system provides the operator with a generalized understanding of the state of the object, which is based on a mathematical analysis of the current technological parameters of the installation.